Who we are

SEPIGEL is the range of products used for the bleaching and purification of oils and fats developed by SEPIOLSA, a mining company founded in 1986 and dedicated to the extraction and marketing of special clays (sepiolite, bentonite, stevensite-kerolite attapulgite) used in various industrial applications: absorbents, additives for animal feed, cat litter, refining of oils and fats...

Sepiolsa counts with an integrated business model, owing mining sites in Madrid (sepiolite and bentonite), Toledo (bleaching earths) and Senegal (attapulgite) and processing and packaging plants in Guadalajara (Spain), M’bodiene (Senegal) and Ostend (Belgium).

Bleaching of oils and fats

What we offer

Our range of bleaching earths, SEPIGEL, offers optimal solutions for the bleaching and purification of all kinds of industrial oils (paraffin, vaseline, waxes or lubricant oils) and edible oils (soybean, sunflower, palm, olive, canola, coconut,...), as well as for other applications (biodiesel, kerosene, etc.)

Sepiolsa has a technical team with wide experience in the area, and an R & D laboratory equipped with the latest technologies for the development and improvement of the Sepigel range of products.

Edible oils and fats
Mineral oils
Other applications

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